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Friday, November 27, 2015

Holiday Wedding

For an intimate moment, there is the holiday wedding. An invitation in ivory is a classic start in colored inner envelope. A bride, a long A list dress with a satin coat is a dramatic moment.
The guests are greeted with singing children in the lobby or outside. Then inside, a program, with the couple picture in the holiday setting on the front is given to the guests. Holiday music fills space as the intermediate family walks down the aisle, and the wedding party simply stand at front. Together the couple walks down the aisle,recite a reading and vows.
The reception, dinner and party. The classic tunes of the holiday is for dinner and cocktail but r and b with pop, a touch of hip hop keeps the night rocking. The bride changes clothes. A meal is simple duck with fruit base sauce, pasta with a green salad. Dessert is a festive drink.
The cake is a great ending. A rollercoaster as a topper.

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