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Thursday, June 2, 2011


I once told a friend that some of the best marriages I know, they date. They go out or plan something inside, but they spend time together. I know it is hard especially when the kids are small or when your lives are busy. It is fuel of the marriage. It is those moments when it gets hard when you think...okay it is not so bad, so I will stay.
So times are bad in the pocket for many. A date does not have to cost a million dollars. It can be a walk in the park at midnight(it totally romantic especially here in the south), an inside picnic, or learning something together. You just have to be creative.
Let's put a step further,put in writing. Anything that is important is usually in writing, so your dating plan should be in writing. Possible places, be fair to both parties, and when(once a week, once a month).
For you parents, think about babysitting. If money is a problem, barter for other things. Wait until kids take they butt to bed for that in house date.
You say you are tired but you spent a lot on a wedding, so spend the time on the marriage. It is worth it in the end.

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