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Thursday, June 23, 2011


So I planned my friend's wedding in faith. I clipped out magazines and wrote out ideas for moment. Well, now, she is going to walk down the ailse.
Ameythst.This is my birthstone. I am a Febuary baby, a true Aquarius.
I am on a journey, trying to enjoy the next chapter, walking toward faith. Baby steps. I am terrified. I have to get out of the fear and know that the Creator has me.
Pray for me. Please pray for the other person.

white with gold ink. Purple bow.

front of ceremony
gold collumns on heart shaped blocks of woods covered in carnations.

love letter vows. Personalized and written to one another.

purple ballroom gown with a gold crown. Purple stone braclelet. Small heart shaped bouquet of white carnations with a center of purple stones. A gold crown
with purple stones.

sign in
A clear plate rimmed in gold.

chocolate two tier cake with clear topper. Purple petals on the table.

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