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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1980s Hip Hop

Ft. Hill. Boomboxes on shoulders and fashion being introducted by Run DMC. Bootleg fashion on every corner, where the label was peeling. Guc...i, you might be misssing something there.

It was hip hop, we all dance and skated to it in the neighborhood. I love it, to me it was inspiration, it was funky, and it was fun.

i love hip hop, that's whatsup

silver with gold writing.

white jeans, white off shoulder shirt but splattered with a puff paint design in different color lines, gold high heel shoes. Big gold square hoops.

square boxes painted like silver boom boxes. Place on a bed of red roses.

sign in
old hip hop album cover

two tier cake, leather ribbion on each tier. A gold rope necklace as a topper.

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