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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the budget

I sat by the computer and thought, am I having a wedding or am buying a car. I was amazed when I looked at my budget. I knew, have faith but girl, that is not going to work.

Anyway,it is important to have a budget, but you can have a moment on limited resources.

First of all, you are lucky. You found the love of your life and had the courage to let him in. Most people wait their whole lives to have your gift. Some people leave this earth and never find it.

So focus on a moment. A moment where take your resources, use inspiration to create a beautiful day shared by family and friends.

invitation-postcard,silk leaves,computer printed diy invites
bridal dress-rent it, borrow one, take something off the racks, get a regular party dress
centerpieces-diy with help of a grocery store florist
cake-at home baker, do it yourself cupcakes, dummy tiers, and there's site where you can rent a cake

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