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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Moment

The Romantic Reading Night

I love poetry and romance novels, even erotic readings(blush). So to mix my hobby with a great guy makes for a great date.

Anyone who took my Zane book, could you please return it? I did not get to read it. Thank you.

indoor outfit
white shirt tied to the navel, pink bra, little black mini dress with a slit. Four inch black pumps.

outdoor outfit
little black mini dress with a four inch platform shoes. Red flower in hair.

the food
mini pizza bites, strawberries, passion fruit,key lime cupcakes.

the date
pillows on the floor,candlelight, and take turns reading for your inside date.
If you go outside, flash lights, blanket, and try to consider you are in public(wink)

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