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Saturday, June 4, 2011


The last part of this marriage series.
It is obvious that you need to have it in order to walk down the ailse, but how many people don't. They look at that wedding gown in the closet and think....I don't. I heard too many women who say I did it because......you have to fill in the blank. It was comfortable, it was safe, it was provisions, it was the kids, it was I wanted a wedding. I always said that was a great business, to have a mock wedding chapel just get it out of some of these girls system. It was never about what was suppose to be about in the first place.
Love is patient,is kind, not envious, slow to anger, is not easily provoked, thinks of no evil, knows the truth, bears all, believes and hopes all, endures all.
It is not perfection. Only the Creator is perfect. Love is a journey that you can take with the other person, for better or for worse, and if you are bless, until you leave this Earth.
Love is the oxygen of the marriage and without it just slowly dies.
How do you love? Love that person's spirit which is the essence of a person. No matter what the scales say, when the wrinkles come, when a person has a dollar or a million dollars....life changes. It will not always be a fairy tale, but it can a beautiful love story.
Love that person's spirit. It will take you so much further.
Have faith, but you need love.

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