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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Park

Fall is a wonderful time to get married. The weather is almost perfect especially here in the south. So, we make things simple with a path of flowers that line the pathway. We make a circle of grass and flowers in the  grass for the groom and bride to stand with a simple wooden arch. Vines and wild flowers decorate and complete the front of the ceremony.  The guest receive a picnic basket. You need keep the guest list low around 20 for this intimate moment.  The meal with a bottle of wine and water inside of it. Blankets or tables are set up. Flowers are sprinkled on the table or blankets. If tables are used, green clear bud vases are used with a simple daisy in pink. Music is set up but I would keep it within the 1950s meet modern pop tunes.
There are many special touches. So, a nature poem from Robert Frost. A pair of birds on the cake table. A two tier white cake. Then grass piped on the top with a couple of white porcelain love birds.
Then as a favor, bottle water with a picture of the bride and groom.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for the moment.

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