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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Icecream Shop

We have an open mind for this wedding for a sweet day. It is only 20 guests in an icecream shop. A white dress with pink satin shoes with a simple bouquet of pink tea roses and carnation with a center of red beads with a green satin ribbon. We start the day with small trees for the front of the ceremony.
With the tune of retro music of the 1950s, we go in a short cocktail hour. Then we move on to Motown Classics for the reception. The flavor of ice cream is incorporated in your menu. A icecream float is added for dessert. A ice cream bar of creative flavors is at the end of the reception. On the table, there are colored white chocolate pink candy apples as the centerpiece in a pot of green grass in
a white ceramic pot. A small oversize cupcake cake is on top covered in sprinkles. A favor of cotton candy gives your day a sweet ending.

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