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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Skipping Xmas

Skipping Christmas is my favorite book. I love to use this as wedding theme.  So here we go off to the island....maybe.

To set the tone of the day, I would use a colored white invite with blue ink.  A small space is great for the day. I would invest the money to rent a fire space.   The front of ceremony there is a simple tree, as large as you could do with simple lights. Tables are there covered in white cloth. There is a small
tree.  For place seating, use an island item, clear glass with the name attached to it. The menu has
ham and fish. It is a mini wine tasting. Snow flake shape cookies but with dots of blue or  pink.
An island drink is signature drink to hint of a missed vacation.

A song for all at the moment....

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