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Monday, April 13, 2015

Soul Food Movie

Soul food had some moments but honestly, I like it, even though had a church basement feel to it but also lend to the family environment.

The invitation is simple, the smallest invitation with black ink. The bride dress is still off shoulder with a red satin shoes. A choker will complete the look. The nails should be red which I normally would not do but in this case I would. The bouquet is trailing of large flowers, almost 1920s style with ivy. The centerpieces I would keep in a glass container with large flowers with ivy but add black eye peas inside the bouquet.  On the cake, a tiered cake with brown beads around each base. A signature drink is needed with a strawberry on the side of the glass dipped in white chocolate.

I would play around the food. An orange glaze on the ham, an cranberry sauce under the chicken,
collard green salad, lemon on the mini rolls. The pecan pie dipped rum. The pound cake with a champagne icing.

A guest sign in of a group family picture, sign the glass frame.

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