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Saturday, January 31, 2015


So it is my favorite time of the year. No it is not Christmas but it is the superbowl. I love every minute of it with a mini bottle of wine. So for me to have a football theme which I have used on my twitter page is the ultimate theme for someone who wants to own a team...

One day....

To start out this day, I need an invitation of red paper with black ink. I am a Falcons fan. No, I am not ashame of it.  A red dress with black veil with a red satin shoe. It is Atlanta Georgia, touches of  Gone with a Wind. So I would carry a parasol instead of a bouquet. A southern feast of a collard green salad, peacan glazed chicken, and coconut coleslaw. A Sweet Potato flavored cake with chocolate glaze...A table of popcorn,chips,dips with flavored beers.

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