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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Letter

This month I ran across the most amazing book which was filled with letters from famous African Americans. There was a section on love letters. It was the most beautiful letters I read in a while. I am history person so I love reading those kind of things. Anyway, if you want to ever want to read real love, MLK Jr to Correta Scott King. She was one lucky woman.
In other news, I say that it is a lost art form. A true love letter, not something that is just dripping in sex but something truly expresses how you feel for that person.
So you say, who in the hell has to time to do that? I'm busy. I say with your gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidys. Take the time to write letter with the gifts you exchange.
Words have so much power. The way to empower your relationship is letter. Make it happen. Work it out.

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