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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Love Letter

When I was much younger, I used to received the most beautiful letters that reminded me of an Eric Dickey novel. They were scented with cologne and had a beautiful floral stamp. Each week or so I would receive these letters and read them while listening to Aaron Hall which was our favorite artist.
In this computer era, I think the art of love letter is sad lost art as we rushed through life. I think it is an act of love to sit down and put your thoughts on paper.  It takes time and effort. When you look through history and read letters, you smell, taste, and touch the effort that it takes to express love.
Be inspired. Love is a gift, make the effort.

the letter on black ink. vanilla perfume on the back. If you are planning a small wedding, think about a personal touch of a handwritten letter.

white dress with pink carnation in the hair.

expressions of love spelled out in rose buds in standing shadow boxes

sheet cake with expressions from your first love letter. Keep rated G, your grandma maybe reading it. There is no point of her learning something new.

Love Letter R.Kelly

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