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Monday, May 23, 2011

Church Lady

When I was growing up, I went to St. Matthew Baptist Church. In the front seat of pews was a character  who wore large hats and would dance in a circle. She was loudest voice in the congregation.

She had a beautiful sprit, but she would tell you the truth to your face.
.....baby, your skirt is too short.
....please, don't have a baby yet.

Surrond yourself with people who love you and support your marriage. You need a few church ladies in your life.

Be inspired by the church lady.

lyrics from your inspirational song. spray the back with your favorite perfume.

white dress with floral strappy shoes. Beautiful hat with a flower pinned to the hat.  Carry a white satin covered fan.

container covered with a hankercheif.  Fill the container with lillies and baby breath.

white sheet cake with a picture of your favorite place of inspiration.

the moment
take the advice of the person who has the best marriage and incoporate their words of advice in your vows.

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