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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


During the summer, Drew and I go on museums. He runs from place to place and looking for girls(always the ladies man, help me with those teenage years).  And I just run and ask for patience.
Anyway, museums are great source of inspiration for a wedding. From the science museum to a jazz night at the art museum, you pull many ideas from a visit.
Be inspired from a visit at the museum.

post card of your favorite picture

bride dress
little purple dress with silver shoes.  Purple flowers with silver beads. Purple ribbon. Take dyeable shoes
and paint on them.

Black wire basket filled with silver painted fruit.  with small vases of floating purple flowers.

sign in
a big sign in board made from silver metal.  Have anyone to draw a small picture with their name below.

sheet cake with your favorite piece of art work. Wine bottle filled with flowers

the moment
a jazz solo when the bride walks down the aisle.

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