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Saturday, May 28, 2011



For the next couple days, I will talking about marriage.

When I look at marriages that I know have lasted and those I have studied through history, they had this key ingredient. Commitment. They were willing to share their life with each other for better or for worse because for worse does happens.
Maybe they did not know each other forever, but they willing to make it work. Some people know each other all their lives and still does not work because they really did not pay attention to each other. So they still did not have a clue who they person really was.
Our great great grandparents decided, this is the person. I love them. We are going to make it happen. They did each day. Maybe it was not always romantic, always great, but they were willing to stay in each other's lives. They willing to make sure the other person was okay in this world. They had each other's back.
People have complicated theories on how marriage works, but back in the day, the people i have known have been married for years, did not have it. They kept it basic. They were commited because they had love.

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