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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love Poetry

When I was in seventh grade I was typical teenager who was always in crush.  I would sit on the floor with the radio and my notebook.  I was not great at writing poetry, but it helped me to express my emotion.
I love reading it. Everthing from Emily Dickinson to Sonia Sanchez with a little bit Lanston Hughes. Every now then, Edgar Allen Poe.
It's spring time when love takes natures and makes it more vivid. You glow under the Creator's work.
So use your favorite poem. Be inspired by this wedding theme.

take a poem and center it on floral paper. Use your favorite floral scent on the back of the invite.

the dress
a pretty dress with pink shoes. A gardenia in the hair.  Words from your favorite poem tatoo around your wrist and ankle.

the reception
picnic. blankets on the floor. petals on the ground.  Craft or real planted trees throughout the room.

the wedding cake
a basket weave two layer cake with your favorite poem in frame beside the cake.

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