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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


When I was a little girl, I love this movie and also the televison series. I would dance all around the room. Not well. Hey, a girl can dream.
This movie is very inspirational as it goes on the journey of these young people.  It is about the pursuit of a dream. 
A marriage is a journey in which you pursue a dream that will last longer than a movie.

Love Philosphy Percy Shelly. Type this poem in the center of white paper with the invite information in the corner.

blue shirt, white pleated skirt, and silver shoes. 

Cut foam in shape of a violin and cover it in greenery and baby breath.  Take a canvas backpack and cover it with flowers.
first dance
The Dream Irene Cara

the first after party dance
1,2 step Ciara

sign in
a picture from a cab

Two tier white cake with  black ribbon around each border. A toy or clear piano as a cake topper.

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