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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jungle Love

I love the Lion King. My son and I have watched on many occasions. It is a great theme for a wedding especially as we almost approach the summer months.  It is a great story of love and family, two familiar themes in many wedding no matter what the concept.

Be inspired by this wedding.

white invitation, african print fabric border(try discount stores) and start to glue with the help of family and friends. Bring a movie and snacks.

creme colored knee length dress, gold crown(try to discount stores),  painted feet with open sandals. Gold jewels and beads on the legs.  Floral covered mask with a ribbon held like a pomander.

African print skirt with simple white shirt. painted feet. Flip flops for the reception.  Wooden fans.

simple gold painted wooden contained filled with grass

chocolate cupcakes with characters from the movie on each cupcake

family recipes for each guests

after party first dance
Jungle Love by The Time

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