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Monday, May 16, 2011

Childhood Dreams

Today I went to the toy store with Drew. He looked around and saw his favorite best friend. Thomas. He looked around with eyes bright with emotion. He was so enthusiastic about being there. A dream come true. A shiny new train for completing Pre K.
It is amazing how kids lives are filled with so many dreams. How they always believe up to very end that is going to happen. I guess that's why I always love to be around kids.  A wedding is a dream come true.
Be inspired by this wedding.
white cardstock with blue ink
bride dress
blue dress with silver shoes. white flowers with blue beads. Painted fabric around the bouquet.

couple project. Take finger paints and color of things you want to accomplish as a couple. Then frame them in wooden blue frames.

white cupcakes with blue beads of icing. In silve foil containers.

sign in
A set of teddy bears. One that has a silver bow. Then other one that a blue one.

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