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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the reality, this is my reality, the wedding planner

Things happen in wedding planning. I awakened out of my sleep to the radio.  So the country
was being attacked.  After screaming for a second at the tv, I was on the computer, doing
the one thing told us all not to do which is looking at story after story, watching photograph
after photograph.

That night......the apartment complex silent....

Then next few days, I was on an empyt Marta train with a middle eastern woman, trying to
get a holiday job.

So September 11.....it brought some soul to my wedding. From the wedding magazines to
to online, we adjusted our plans, made it more about family, and some of us, downsized
our budgets.

The budget blogs and websites...this is what came out of September 11. 

For  bride, it change my world, it changed my outlook to bringing more soulful ideas
to the day. It became a moment.

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