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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Moment...night before the wedding

So it is the day before you get married....

So I check the dress, call my wedding planner and say, you got it.

The control freak in me still want to call everyone but I didn't. So I ran around, snapped at the groom,
took my one brow and made two eyebrows.

Then I go home, go to the rehersal.

in law vs. my family.. I rolled my eyes....took it out on the groom later. Then I collected all my real and fake flower which were in buckets. We sat around the tables and made my flowers which
were preschool 1-2-3 and I used tussy mussies to make it even easier.

I went to bed....not to sleep between Jasmine and Marquita. And I say what's to a small mouse, but honey, I know this wedding was not going to be the Disney channel. So I was grateful we would have
a planner and security...

yes, throw those mothertuckers out if they start anything......

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