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Thursday, September 13, 2012

the moment...the wedding

So the day starts with a bath and makeup.. Then I pat down my hair which was already done from the day before. In the church, we take pictures.

Then I go down the aisle....my uncle is trying to tip in....I shake my hands and walk down the aisle.
Down aisle, the moment, you have spent a million minutes on is over in 15 minutes. Then up
the ailse, take amillion pictures and hope my eyes are not half close.

To the reception and the head table, r and b playing. I crack jokes to person to person and wished
I had brougt a second dress. All that dress was starting to get on nerves.

yes, I had to go to the bathroom. Where are my bridal party?

Food was great beause I gave him down to the seasoning what I wanted. Then we cut the cake.

Ashy legs and all...the garter comes off. Boquet toss...hits the ceiling. Classic moments for me.

So I had my Victorian moment. I wish I could tell you it ended up like forever but it didn't.  We divorced last year even though we are still rearing my son, mr. AW who is now seven.

That is my story.  Even though it did not last lifetime,I had a moment.

love,peace and soul

Benita Michelle Wheeler

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