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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

this is my reality, my wedding, the wedding planner

So it's holiday season...post September 11. The AJC which was thick as a door became thin as
a dress.  People were going to thrift shops for gifts.

Anyway, I sat at the computer with two wedding books and online planner for my very small wedding.  I was a bride.  I had waited my whole life for that moment. Ofcourse the groom because
he was in nascar,foottball, and country music did not understand why I needed to stand in line
for 30 minutes at a sale to buy two silver candelebras.

I did...

I wanted the have the best wedding....I was in a wedding competion. My wedding was the last one.

Really, folks, the lesson is, if you have to save money.....go to sales, go to thrift for containers.
Get out the competion.  Enjoy the moment and yell at the groom less.

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