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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Moment...the wedding story

So...I put a little red and black dress....with pink grandma panties with my hair looking like a hot mess.

It was my bridal shower. I had the inlaw vs. my family but I hoping for peace.

So....They came, and I was cracking nervous jokes, sounding like a gay male. It was worst than
I thought. We had two worlds, the worlds were not having peace and harmony like I had imagined.
By the middle, I wanted to leave my own shower but I did not.. I stayed and was told about my


We had my side of the family, their side of the family, the neutral side. Ofcourse, my ex sister
in law had her shoes off, who always know how to make herself at home. And did. I wished
she had brought more like her.

I gathered my gifts, brought thank you notes, and wanted to run to the nearest court house.
These mothertuckers were not going to get along.

First step....let's cut this stuff...I did. I cut all the stuff and said keep it short and simple. Ran, not walk, to find my wedding planner to handle the mess which she did.

well, now, it' the night before the wedding...

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