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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Moment.....my wedding story

So winter...became spring.. which is now is summer...

You are sitting in the car with this grand martha stewart idea for invitation, and you looked several pages. Now you agruing about paper when you could have been having the best date of your life.
Somehow the paper is so important. Then you say freak it, get a catalog. Ofcourse, I am now
agruing about stamps...go back..still wrong..freak it...i have a invitation with teddy bear stamps instead of cute hearts that you wanted.

Now, you sitting at the table, with the phone ring...surronded by sheer red ribbion, a bandaid on hand,
paper punch, ......

who? no way. how many? alright....inlaw side...

my side...who? she invitied them. let me call me here. hello? yes, i am sorry about your daughter
there is no more room in the inn....

tuesday...the wedding shower

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