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Thursday, August 30, 2012

thi is my reality, the wedding, the wedding planner

So you have to get all your vendors on a budget.....

I was encouraged by a story in Modern Bride magazine. The country was going through Sept 11 and brides were putting down the diamonds and picking up a craft book for a ring.

A sister of the editor was getting married. She married by candlight at her sister, the editor home surrounded by family and friends.  She brought many things on sale.

So.........I went to yellow pages......

geico insurance building
I rented a reception room complete with my lunch.

me, family, and friends..the night before

I went to the mall for my wedding cake. I refused to have a cake that looked great was dry like
corn bread mix. I did not want jiffy corn bread mix  cake.

I found someone who worked at home.

wedding planner
I am a control freak, and I had drama, so, a wedding planner instead of the florist.

the dress
David Bridal

The room was small, I brought my own honey.. DJ Michelle in the house.

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