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Monday, April 4, 2016

The Garden

It is spring. The weather is nice and gorgeous. It has been like a great art painting on the good days. It has been very inspirational as we have entered into wedding season.
Be inspired by the season.
The Invitation. Green ink on white paper. We add an old school touch of a floral ribbon at the top of the invite. Do you have a favorite floral scent? I would use on the back of the invite for a personal touch.
The Ceremony. Greenery in two pots on either side of a garden arch is an earthy statement for the front of the ceremony. On the arch, bring in lilac with branches and greenery. Then little miniature wreaths on the pews complete your ceremony look.
The Bride. She is wearing a tea length white dress with green shoes with a colored green veil.A bouquet of presentation bouquet of lillac,ivy, and baby breath is carried down the aisle. An emerald necklace is presented to her during the ceremony.
The Reception. So we enter into potted trees but for fun,add vegetables at the base of the trees with flowers. For the centerpiece, broccoli in the center with tall vases of lilac on either side. Then there is a vegetable base cocktail hour with a fruit base signature cocktail.  Pop music mixes with dance tunes. Then current radio beats dances you into the night.
The Cake. Two tier cake. It is white cake with green umbrella topper.

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