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Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Budget

I know it may seem like a dirty word but it is not. No,no one wants to mix money with wedding. It has to be done.

When? In the beginning, we must plan for the budget. It should be the third thing on your to do list. So start early. I would not get discouraged. From a wedding for two in jeans to large affair, a wedding is a sweet celebration.
How? From tech apps to old school pen and paper, there are plenty of methods to get your budget correct. The Knot,online, a wedding website still has the best wedding budget checklist for free. You can even use an accounting base program.
The Rules? The rules used to be simple. The bride's family paid for the expenses. Times has changed. So the couple may pay without the parents. The bride do pay for their own wedding. Then there is also the family affair. It should be a real number and not a movie one.
Cuts? There are many ways to cut the expenses of a wedding. Wedding favors us expense that many people will not notice. Wedding flowers are great but can be supplemented by candles or glass. Renting items or dress saves you a great deal.
Law? Everything should be writing,who pays what. Cancelation of the wedding is a sour subject. It may happen. You should figure how the money is returned.  A wedding account with wedding insurance is sound advice for some brides.
So,take a moment and a deep breath to know, it may take a million dollars for ano event but not so much for a moment...

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