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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Children's Art

For a light hearted moment, being inspired by children art is a great canvas of inspiration.
The Bride.To walk down aisle, a white A line will do with a yellow veil. Paint silk shoes in paint in a child like design. Taking drawings and making paper flowers for the bouquet completes the look.
A flower bouquet is presented to the bride at the end of the ceremony,yellow tea roses in round form with a colorful blue,red, and green ribbions.
Invitation. A white invitation in yellow print. A red ribbion at top completes the look. An inner envelope of blue with a simple white invitation.
The Ceremony. Ribbions in the Sky by Stevie walks the bride down the aisle. A poem, a song. Very simple vows. A first toast. Your first kiss. Bubbles walks you back the aisle. Your first meal is done at a private spot as the reception flows for cocktail. A tasting and dessert will be served at the reception.
The Cake. Two tier cake. Child like drawing on the side of the top tier only. Fondant ribbons of yellow,red, and green is the topper of the cake.
The Reception. Centerpiece,gerber daisies in white vases, yellow and red.
Favors, mini cupcakes completes the look.

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