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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wedding Hair

So we have wedding hair which most people leave to the last minute. I hate it because what was the point of wearing this great dress and now your hair looks like a mess on your great day.... So find the dress and make a decesion on the formality of your day.... So base on the dress and formality look at weddinghair.com..... Or a bridal magazine is a great source for wedding options... After you made hair decesion, find a stylist, beauty school is better than nothing.. Take your veil, hair pieces, and a picture of your gown with you. Then take the time 3 months for something simple, 5 months if you need a cut and color for everyone including you to get used to the new look.... Day of get your hair done unless you have a simple cut or look or a wig. You may can get away with it the day before your big day....

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