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Monday, April 28, 2014

A Wedding Planner

A wedding planner? For me it was more important than the flowers. I did my flowers myself, book please, in order to pay for my wedding planner. A young lady from the south who just started in a business who did a great job with her assisant husband which I thought was sweet added touch... So moving right along,a wedding planner can do the following things for you. He or she can plan on hourly basis. It is great to have one to scout your sites or find the best vendors your day. If you having a hard time finding "the dress", this person can assist you with that task. The day of special. The day of special, when the planner comes in at the end, looks at your wedding, may offer suggestion. Then together, you come up with schedule for the day and then you turn over to the professional the last couple of weeks. The person will help with the reherseral and make sure everything runs smoothly.....Or the whole wedding from planning to implementation.... The price. The price can run from $50 an hour to up a percentage of the wedding day. The average for day of service is $400-$1000. The key to the budget is find someone who needs the experience. You may then get a price break.... When to search for your wedding planner? As soon as you say I do to the proposal, start to search for your planner.. Q and A time. You want to find out how many wedding they have planned. How many wedding they plan each year(the average is 40). Overall wedding phiolosphy. If they belive a green philosophy when you are in the Gilded Age, may not work for you. No flower power ring, huh?...

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