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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Moment

When I started moment I was inspired an era of vintage with a Modern Bride in my hands. We were looking something new but old fashion but with options. So off to The Knot, a new website with plenty of ideas about how to have a wedding. It was an odd time to plan a wedding. Many of us had to put down the fantasy and pick up reality. I, with few other girls each week gave each other advice. We learn the essence of the moment. There was a favorite song and not just the hot wedding list song. The dress was restyled from a family or friend one. It was a special wedding season. Then we came back to help others while we lived through home buying,baby making, and holidays. I, later, went back often from Cinderlla weddings to blue jean dessert receptions. With a conservation, I started this blog. I wanted them to dance as the first dance not just have a classic tune waltz. Be inspired by this wedding. It is a bride. She sent out a letter invite to fill the room with close family and friends. There is a tea length dress with a pastel colored veil with pastel colored shoes. A round bouquet of tea roses and carnation. Her favorite love song greets her guest at the door. There is the bride and groom walk on the journey together. The ceremony includes song,poem,and vows. A child dances towards the end. The reception is filled with all sweet things. There is pastries as a centerpiece with small flowers under it.The music are the best moments. It changes to classics for dance with modern tunes at the end. The cake. It is two tier. It is white with a simple ribbion on the side but it spins around. A small day with 80 guests. A favor of chocolate cake. It is a moment.

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