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Friday, January 8, 2016

Tech Wedding

So it is not what it used to be. From the wedding to the reception,a tech wedding breaks the mold.
An invitation of white paper and black ink. A black inner invite. A website enclosure invites your guests to join you on the journey. On the websites polls suggestions, and party music makes your wedding worth waiting for.
The Bride. A silver wedding dress with a unique bouquets fits this moment. A led light bouquet with glass flower that is musical. A pair silver sneakers is also different that lights up. Hair back in bun. Red cat shape glasses. A change of bouquet,simple but small white bouquet with black beads is presented her during the ceremony.
The Ceremony. A color change aisle runner. Oversize glass flowers in clear urns on clear column. A song, a  reading, a poem, and the exchange of words. Two glasses presented,champagne toast.
The Reception.  The glass and mirror. A Dj provides music.Oversize clear glass flowers on a colored light box. A champagne infused meal. Fruit for a dessert. A cake on the light box. A cake that has computer language on the side of the cake with a glass cake topper. Have everyone to sign your Twitter page.

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