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Thursday, November 17, 2011

flower power

when it time to flowers, i love carnations...to me they are the underdogs of flowers. in bunches, they are so sweet.

step one
once your colors and place, consider a flower plan.

step two
your flower plan should consist of: front of ceremony, bridal bouquet, groom,wedding party,parents, centerpieces, sign in, and cake table. These are the main areas.

step three
incoporate you into the flower plan. What is the first flower you were given during the relationship. Use in your bouquet.
Use your colors from first meal together or first date place.

step four
silk or fresh. I like to mix it up if you can find realistic looking blooms.
In silk world, you can start early and get it done yourself. If you are going diy, plan ahead and have a practice session.
If you are using a florist, then vist that person at four months before the big day. You should bring swatches and a general idea of your want. Ask what is the overall floral philosphy of that person.

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