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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Floral Love Letter

During Victorian times, flowers were their love letters. It said everything from you are my buddy to honey, let's walk down the ailse.  From a single bud to a beautiful bouquet, flowers are a beautiful way to sprinkle little messages for your moment.
For the front of ceremony, sprinkle your day with ivy.  The plant of faithfulness.  You can use collumns or oversize glass vases. Interwine this symbol of fidelity with a baby breath to your day a kiss of good luck.
The bouquet is a tradional way to send a letter to your groom. A stephanotis is way to say how happy you are to be married to your groom.  A red rose gives him a I love you.
An another way is to think about your relationship. Take photographs of your moments as a couple and then place a bud vase of the flower that matches the moment. Okay, it is a little bit of work.  I think love is worth it.

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